Apex Surgical ​Instruments

and Services, LLC.

Medical Instrument Repair Services
Apex Surgical Instruments and Services offers the highest quality Medical Instrument and Surgical Instrument repair services available in the medical industry. We utilize a team of instrument repair technicians and the best flexible and rigid scope repair technicians in the United States in a state of the art repair facility to repair medical and dental instruments.

Apex Surgical Instruments and Services Mission
To design and implement comprehensive and tailored medical instrument repair programs with each of our customers that maximizes the value of their medical instrument investment while reducing internal maintenance and repair costs. Our goal is to constantly meet their ever changing needs and improving the overall quality of care provided in each individual medical facility that we support.

Apex Surgical Instrument and Services Repair Team
When other repair facilities can not repair the item they send their medical instruments to Apex Surgical Instruments and Services who has built a skilled, well rounded repair team. It typically takes 1 to 1-1/2 years to properly train a technician. Our technicians average 5 plus years experience and our senior tech has 20 years. In addition to this supervised and quality controlled environment our technicians are trained in all repair categories.

Apex Surgical Instruments and Services Location
Apex Surgical Instruments and Services is conveniently located east of Atlanta Georgia. We normally turn around our repairs "next day" and strive to offer superior customer service to a global market of customers.

Apex Surgical Instruments And Services Repair Capabilities

- General Medical Instrument Repair

- Complete Instrument Tray & Set Refurbishing/Preventive Maintenance

- Laparoscopic Instrument Repair Services for Rigid and Semi-flexible Endoscope repairs. (including Small Diameter Endoscopes)

- Screw and spring replacement

- Electrical connector replacement

- Inner shaft replacement

- Upper/inner mechanism repair

- Pin replacement

- Jaw/blade replacement

- Realignment

- Re-soldering/re-welding

- Bent tube replacement

- Deflecting mechanism repair

- Ceramic and fiberglass beak replacement

- Rust and corrosion removal

- Laparoscopic instrument remanufacture

- Flexible Biopsy Forceps

- BiPolar Forcep Repair and Reinsulation

- Irrigating and Standard Bipolar Cap Replacement

- Forcep Reinsulation

- Repotting

- Cautery Post Replacement

- Realignments & Refurbishing

- Irrigating Channel Repair

- Needle Holder Insert Replacement

- Sterilization Container Repairs and Maintenance Parts

- Gasket Replacement

- Latch Replacement/Repair

- Handle Replacement

- Handle Specialty Color Coding

- Inner Tray Repair

- Baffle Tray Repair

- Pin Replacement

- Hex & Stud Nut Replacement

- Burr and Dent Removal

- E-Clip Replacement

- Container Labeling and Etching

- Re-insulation of Electrosurgical Instruments

- Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Instrument Repairs - Complete Repair and Rebuild capability

- Ophthalmic General Instrument Repair

- Specialty Instrument Repairs and Fabrication of Medical Instrument Parts

- A large inventory of replacement parts to accommodate most equipment failures.

- Medical Instrument Sharpening

- Dental Instrument Repair

- Dental Instrument Sharpening

- Medical Instrument Color Coding - Permanent Patent Pending Process

- Medical Instrument Gold Plating

- Medical Instrument Marking/Etching for Identification

- plus many many more!!!!!!!!!

- Contact us for a full capabilities statement

With over "80" years of combined manufacturers training and hands on technical experience you can ensure that your instruments are in trained hands. At Apex Surgical Instruments and Services if your Medical Instrument repair is not performed properly we will fix the medical instrument a second time within 90 days at no charge.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

We take great pride in being able to repair every single item that we sell. In many cases we even have the ability to repair many of the instruments that have been tagged “Beyond Repair” due the extended resources that we have at our disposal. It would be impossible to list everything that we have the capability to repair. However, we have listed some of the most common repairs that happen at our repair facility:

Albarran Bridge
Acetabular Reamers
Air Hoses
Anspach Systems
Arthroscopic Instruments
Arthroscopic Shavers
Bipolar Cords
Bipolar Forceps
Bookwalter Systems
Bovie Cords
Camera Couplers
Castroviejo Forceps
Color Coding
Cranial Drills
Cryo Handpieces
Cryostat Knives
Dental Handpieces (High Speed and Low Speed)
Diamond Knives
ECG/EKG Cables
Electrosurgical Cords
Fetal Transducers
Fiberoptic Cables
Gold Plating
Grieshaber Instruments
Harmonic Scalpels
Headlight Cords
Infusion Pumps
Intubation Scopes
Kidney Clamps
Kleppinger Forceps
Laproscopic Instruments
Light Sources
Micro Instruments
Midas Rex Equipment
Monopolar Cords
MPC Scissors
Nasal Speculums
Needle Holders
Needle Scopes
OR Table Accessories
Oscillating Saws
Oxygen Blenders
Phaco Handpieces
Pin Cutters
Power Cables
Power Drills
Power Drivers
Power Equipment
Rechargeable Batteries
Rigid Scopes
Sarns Saws
Semi-rigid Endoscopes
Sinus Scopes
SPO2 Products
Sterilization Trays
TEE Probes
Towel Clamps
Tungsten Carbide Conversions
Ultrasound Probes
Video Cables
Video Cameras
Video Consoles
Video Couplers
Video Printers
Yellow Fin Leg Positioners    

And many many many more!!!!!!