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Welcome to our Medical Instrument Sales, Parts and Repair Service Portal

ApexSurgicalInstrumentsandServices.com was founded based on the theory that a medical professional or private consumer should be able to purchase medical instruments, medical supplies, medical parts for existing products and medical instrument repair services from the top manufacturers in a single location.

Every care has been taken to provide the highest quality products and services so that our customers become lifetime users of our medical supply portal.

Proper maintenance and instrument repairs are the absolute investment that a medical facility can make because it saves patients lives and improves the overall quality of medical service that is provided to a patient. To learn more about the 100's of different surgical instrument repair services that we provide your medical facility visit the Surgical Instrument repair section of our web site.

Due to our affiliation with the manufactures we are able to bring thousands of top grade, mid-grade and floor grade instruments from hundreds of manufacturers into one site for convenient purchasing.

Purchasing and maintaining a quality surgical instrument is a significant investment to any medical facility that is not to be taken lightly. As a result preventative maintenance, proper handling/care and a quality surgical instrument repair programs are a necessity to control internal expenses. As a direct response to these challenges many medical facilities now employ repair technicians or use repair facilities in addition to their sterilization departments which have traditionally handled the proper care of surgical instruments.
In a direct response to this ever growing demand ApexSurgicalInstrumentsandServices.com offers a complete medical instrument parts inventory including German specialty surgical instrument parts. If you are in need of surgical instrument repair parts please visit the Medical Instrument Repair Parts portion of our web site.

On our website you can expect to find in excess of 20,000 different types of medical instruments, medical supplies, home health care products and general medical materials which are used every day in thousands of hospitals, doctors offices, managed care facilities, nursing homes, wound care centers, surgery centers, veterinary markets and in personal health care use in homes around the world.


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